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STEPHEN SULLIVAN is the group’s Webmaster and the owner of the ‘Holbeach Estates Railway’, based on the Lincolnshire Potato Railways that ran between the 1930s and 1950s. Stephen is the Editor of the ‘009 Handbook’ (now undergoing revision ready for a third edition) and an Honorary Life Member of the 009 Society. In some of the photographs can be seen son, Raoul, and brother-in-law, Frank Fattori, who often support him at exhibitions. “Holbeach” is featured in ‘Model Rail’ no.199 (Summer 2014)

An information leaflet is available for Exhibition managers. Click here.

GREEN END, by David Gander, Chairman of the 009 Society and our Treasurer, is based on the Welshpool & Llanfair Railway, including models of several W&L structures. It is a fine example of how you can build an 009 layout in a small space, being intended originally to run across the top of a couple of bookcases. It was featured in ‘Railway Modeller’ in August 2004. The layout continues to appear at shows, most recently the Beccles Open Day in March 2017.

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“Ilfracombe East” by Brian Key, our Exhibition Manager, is inspired by the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in Devon. All of the locos, stock and buildings on the layout are scratch- or kit-built, although Brian says he will be happy to introduce Peco, Heljan and Bachmann models as they become available.

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