This page will feature reports of our meetings, now that we no longer have a newsletter. The headline is a tribute to the late Mark Howe, who used it as a ‘tag’ when he was editing our newsletter, which ran for twelve volumes.


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27 August 2017

 Instead of a Summer Outing, this year we accepted an invitation from the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway to organise a display in the Committee Room of the new Pages Park station building. We were treated with great hospitality, including glasses of mango juice from the cafe, and we believe that the layouts added something to the railway experience for those who were there. It was also a relief not to be continually explaining to the audience what  narrow-gauge railways were - all we had to do was to point out of the window!

 Brian Key brought the main station and fiddle yard from Ilfracombe East, and we were able to organise a line-up of Heljan 2-6-2s that may well have reached 100 “likes” on the 009 Railway Modellers’ Facebook page by now. Pause for comment about how you wait two years for a Heljan 2-6-2 and then three come along at once! But none of our proud owners minded the wait!

 John Rees brought Old Oak - you can tell from the immaculate trackwork that he is an EM gauge modeller in another guise. Danny and Dawn Figg brought a display of mini-layouts, including Dawn’s Emmenthal Incline.

 A special prize to Tony Clarke, who came to Leighton Buzzard via the Bedord by-pass and an emergency road closure that involved a two hour delay. He brought Mirkwood, and probably followed the example of the Three Kings when he went home again.

 David Gander produced Green End, for what he says is the last exhibition appearance. I haven’t included the photo with the “The End” caption, lest it should come back to haunt him, but  I wonder whether Green End has ever had a two-coach passenger train before!

 Finally a thanks to all group members and 009 friends who dropped in to see us. We said to the Railway that we would be very happy to do it again sometime.