John Shawe has been listening to our stories about Brian Clarke’s Minicranks, available in the 1980s to produce effective outside-framed conversions of gear-driven chassis, and has developed some of his own. Here you can see the prototypes, fitted to a Joe Works chassis.  There are also shots of a larger version, fitted to the Minitrix 2-6-2 chassis. A pair of false outside frames will need to be cut out, and the cylinders mounted a little further outboard, but the concept has been proven.

John Rees has been building a Worsley Works Vale of Rheidol diesel. Here it is on the left. It was built following the advice of Roger Christian in 009 News, except that John reduced the depth of the buffer beams instead of adding a spacer on top of the chassis - he needed to keep the cab height within his layout loading gauge. On the right is David Gander’s Worsley Works Brecon Mountain Railway version of what is basically the same locomotive.

David and Stephen have recently each obtained this set of four 3D printed French WW1 wagons from LR Presse / Voie Libre. Construction looks like it might be a bit of a battle, with some parts damaged or missing on receipt (from both sets). Further news will apear here.