Everyone has been wondering who would be the first to convert one of the new Oxford Diecast Isle of Man locos with a running chassis, and we suspect that the honours go to John Shawe. His loco runs on a Branchlines chassis, and I’m afraid the camera angle has not been kind to the pony truck.

John Rees has been building a Worsley Works Vale of Rheidol diesel. Here it is on the left. It was built following the advice of Roger Christian in 009 News, except that John reduced the depth of the buffer beams instead of adding a spacer on top of the chassis - he needed to keep the cab height within his layout loading gauge. On the right is David Gander’s Worsley Works Brecon Mountain Railway version of what is basically the same locomotive.

What are YOU building at the moment? Please send a photograph and a paragraph of brief details, hints & tips, etc., and your project could appear here!