Stephen Clulow has now completed this freelance 0-4-0 tank engine made by Chris Ward Railways. It runs on a Fleischmann Piccolo 7000 N Gauge chassis. The 3D printed components fit the chassis well and it was a generally straightforward project. The added details and the careful painting means that Stephen has succeeded in his aim, of creating an industrial feel for the finished loco. It is often difficult to obtain a totally smooth finish on a 3D print. Stephen recommends gently rubbing with a craft knife blade along (rather than across) the ‘contour’ lines that you wish to remove.

A set of three Vale of Rheidol coaches by Jack Shawe, with a couple of Stephen’s from 30 years ago, dusted off for the occasion. What you (probably) can’t see is that Jack’s have body-mounted Kadee couplers, and are built to ‘finescale’ 009 standards to run on code 40 rail.

It’s not strictly a ‘project’. But Chris Krupa brought this plastic battery-operated Chinese monorail along to our September meeting. It is at least 35 years old, and originally came in a set with toy soldiers and tanks, which Chris has disposed of.

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