A small railtruck as built and used by many industrial and agricultural railways, able to carry a small load as well as to haul wagons. This one runs on the Rusty Springs Watercress Bed railway.  Kit-bashed from a Colin Ashby open wagon kit and Minitrains Plymouth body on a Kato tram chassis by Danny Figg.

A  truly father-and-son effort: This superb Backwoods K1 Garratt runs as well as it looks. The chassis was built by John Shawe, and the body by Jack. It is to 8mm gauge, which gives a bit more space for those four sets of Walschaerts valve gear!  It is seen here on its own test track during our meeting in February 2015, which turned into something of a Backwoods extravaganza - John’s Barclay 0-4-0 is just peeping into the picture. John recommends painting the chassis during assembly, as has been done here. When the body has been painted, the loco will be DCC fitted.

Photo by Des Trollip

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And here is the finished model. John has painted it and lined it by hand using a bow pen. He has offered to demonstrate this technique at a future ‘workshop’ meeting. DCC has been fitted.                                                              Photo by Stephen Sullivan

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