Beds & Bucks Narrow Gauge Railway




 9 & 10

Stephen Clulow's "First" will be at the Bure Valley Railway Steam in Miniature event. Further details here.

September 24


2-5pm at Welwyn. Including brief AGM.

October 14

Brian Key's "lfracombe East" will be at the (second) Tring and District MRC exhibition at the Cottesloe School, Aylesbury Road, Wing, LU7 0NY. Details here.

October 22


2-30 to 5.30pm (note slightly later times) at Simpson Village Hall, Milton Keynes.

November 19


2-5pm at Stapleford, Cambs. Please note change of venue; full details later.

December 10


12 noon at The Raven, Hexton

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We are a group who model narrow-gauge railways, mainly in what is known as “009”. That is to say, we model in 4mm/ft scale (1:76), but using 9mm gauge track (‘N’ gauge) to represent railways with a gauge between 2ft. and 2ft. 6ins. We are even more flexible than this; we use ‘HO’ scale (3.5mm/ft) as well to represent gauges up to 1 metre. And our interests go beyond 4mm  or 3.5mm/ft narrow gauge modelling, to include larger or smaller scales and even standard gauge. Our common interest is narrow-gauge models running on 9mm gauge track, and we support (although we are not affiliated to) the 009 Society, with its national and international connections.

What we do and who we are

In the absence of a Heljan 2-6-2, Yeo (Stenning Kit, 1976) and Lew (Chivers, 1984) stand up for the technology of 40 years ago. I’m trying to get a version of this shot in sharper focus!                                                                                                                                   Stephen Sullivan

This Website:

At the moment I’m having difficulty with the slide shows in the ‘Layouts’ section, which are sometimes failing to upload when I update the site and which may not be appearing properly on some browsers. I shall be experimenting with some new technology but there is a lot of material and it will take some time.