Our Newsletter used also to include details of forthcoming products and general narrow gauge ‘news’ from outside of our Group activities. We hope to continue something of that tradition, making sure that our Group are well-informed, on this present page.

Here are the two new Minitrains locomotives - the Schneider diesel and the Decauville “Progres” 0-6-0. Both are available in three clours - green, red, grey (diesel) and blkack (Decauville), and both are near enough 4mm scale. They run superbly, the only downside bneing the simplified valve gear on the steam loco. Both have front headlights. They are £118 (postage extra) from 009 Sales.

David Gander took these photographs of the pre-production Bachmann Baldwin 2-6-2 and WW1 rolling stock at the 009 Society AGM on 1 April, running on the “Owen’s Bridge” layout from Phil Parker. At least one version of the loco will have a working headlight, and the bogie van has opening doors on both sides, revealing an interior set up to receive stretchers with wounded soldiers. The locos will not be available until the new year, but there is some possibility that the wagons may arrive by Christmas.

The models are expected to be available before the end of this year.

The French group LR Presse (who publish Voie Libre magazine) are now selling a box of (predominately) 3D parts to make up four French WD wagons, including an interesting-looking water wagon. It looks as if they may be HO scale like the Minitrains 2-6-2. They are relatively expensive (139 euros + postage) and you need to allow six weeks between order and delivery, according to the website. David and Stephen have both had problems with “quality control” - mis-cast or missing parts.

Talyllyn style slate wagons now available in the US Bachmann Thomas range (enquire from Tootally Thomas). The price (seriously!) is £20 each.  “Rheneas” is the next loco expected.

Fourdees reliveried version of the individual Peco GVT coach: limited numbers now available. It is also available as part of a train set.

Looks as if the early-livery Heljan Lynton & Barnstaple 2-6-2s are now available. Other versions are not expected until January 2018 earliest. Some owners have reported that the valve gear can break or bend, leading to the chassis locking up. Members of this group with that problem are invited to take their loco to Brian Key, who has quite a knack of repairing them.

Tomytec have recently introduced a pair of motorisable railcars with trailers and are now planning a 4w diesel loco with a passenger coach (one of the railcar trailers) or with two freight wagons.

The RT Models de Winton kit was not after all available at EXPONG: Robert Thompson reports extreme difficulty in obtaining reliable sources of gears and motors. Some doubt about whether it will now appear at all.

David has taken delivery of some new 009 Society kits and re-runs of some old ones. You can find out more by volunteering to help him with sorting the parts and packing them!