Beds & Bucks Narrow Gauge Railway Modellers  

What we do and who we are

We are a group who model narrow-gauge railways, mainly in what is known as “009”. That is to say, we model in 4mm/ft scale (1:76), but using 9mm gauge track (‘N’ gauge) to represent railways with a gauge between 2ft. and 2ft. 6ins. We are even more flexible than this; we use ‘HO’ scale (3.5mm/ft) as well to represent gauges up to 1 metre. And our interests go beyond 4mm  or 3.5mm/ft narrow gauge modelling, to include larger or smaller scales and even standard gauge. Our common interest is narrow-gauge models running on 9mm gauge track, and we support (although we are not affiliated to) the 009 Society, with its national and international connections.

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April 23


2-5pm in Simpson Village Hall

 May 14

Annual Beds & Bucks OPEN DAY at Barton le Clay Village Hall. Details later, but make a note of the date now!

June 25


2-5pm in Cambridge

July 29


2-5pm at Eugene's

August 12

Tony Clarke's "Mirkwood" will be at the Silver Fox DCC MRC Exhibition at Milton Keynes.

August 27

Brian Key's "Ilfracombe East" will be at Pages Park on the Leighton Buzzard Railway. Members and others are invited to drop in and then have a trip on the railway.

September 24


2-5pm at Welwyn

October 14

Brian Key's "lfracombe East" will be at the (second) Tring and District MRC exhibition at the Cottesloe School, Aylesbury Road, Wing, LU7 0NY. Opening  / closing times not yet announced.

October 22

Details to be confirmed.

November 19


2-5pm at Saffron Walden

December 10


12 noon at The Raven, Hexton

(to be confirmed)

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19  March 2017

With the passing of Mark Howe we no longer have anyone to produce our Group newsletter. It was agreed at our meeting of 26 February to replace the newsletter, at least temporarily, with reports on this website. Please go to ‘Newsletter’ on the Navigation Bar above.  Mark’s obituary is reprinted from 009 News and also found on the Navigation bar.

This photograph of Stanton Lacey appears as a tribute to the late Mark Howe, Joint Founder of the 009 Society, Founder, previously Exhibition Manager and

 Co-ordinator of the Beds & Bucks NG Railway Modellers, Former Editor of the 009 News, dec’d 29 January 2017.

This site was last updated on 26 March 2017