Beds & Bucks Narrow Gauge Railway



15 September

Malcolm Harrison's layout "Achalraj" (Himalayan Mountain) will be at the Kettering model railway exhibition. Details here.

30 September

MEETING at Willingham. 2-5pm

October 21

MEETING at Welwyn 2-5pm

November 18


The Jubilee Pavilion at the Recreation Ground,

Gog Magog Way, Stapleford, Cambridge

CB22 5BQ  

December 9



The Cock Inn, 16 High Street, North Crawley, Bucks, MK16 9LH.

Please note; bookings MUST be made with Brian and absolutely not directly with the venue. Bookings must be made before 26 October, with £10 deposit.

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What we do and who we are

We are a group who model narrow-gauge railways, mainly in what is known as “009”. That is to say, we model in 4mm/ft scale (1:76), but using 9mm gauge track (‘N’ gauge) to represent railways with a gauge between 2ft. and 2ft. 6ins. We are even more flexible than this; we use ‘HO’ scale (3.5mm/ft) as well to represent gauges up to 1 metre. And our interests go beyond 4mm  or 3.5mm/ft narrow gauge modelling, to include larger or smaller scales and even standard gauge. Our common interest is narrow-gauge models running on 9mm gauge track, and we support (although we are not affiliated to) the 009 Society, with its national and international connections.

This Website:

Time has been very tight recently and I’m hardly able to keep up with updating this website, let alone migrating the whole thing to a new server. So you will have to put up with Serif technology (which, frankly, isn’t at all bad - it’s a great shame it’s no longer supported) - for the time being. If you have any difficulty with the slide shows, you may need to upload or to enable Flash viewer.

“Achalraj” by Malcolm Harrison, based on the Darjeeling Railway in India.